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Acqua Panna 1L PET Bottle

1L / 12 bottles
LBP 1,230,000
Price includes VAT
PERRIER is a Carbonated Mineral Water sourced in Vergèze, France. Deep underground the bubbly natural mineral water eagerly fizzes its way to the top where it is then fashioned into its iconic green bottles and cans.
Features and Benefits
Acqua Panna is considered the best tasting and most premium water. Acqua Panna is the result of an epic journey. Crafted by nature since 1564, it flows through the beautiful, sun-drenched hills of Tuscany. Each drop is naturally filtered and perfected by time on its 14 year journey to the spring, obtaining a special mineral balance for a smooth and delicious taste, like no other.
Ingredients and Allergen Information
Typical analysis (mg/L)
Bicarbonate 106
Calcium 32.2
Sulphate 22.0
Chloride 7.8
Silica 6.9
Sodium 6.6
Magnesium 6.5
Nitrate 2.9
Potassium 0.8
pH at the source 8.0
Total Dissolved Solids at 180ᴼC: 141 mg/L