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Perrier 25 cl Can Juices Straweberry & Kiwi

Perrier 25 cl Can Juices Straweberry & Kiwi

Stylish. Bold. Daring. Perrier & Juice Strawberry and Kiwi Carbonated Mineral Water inspires the imagination and stimulates the senses.

Regular Price: LBP6,000.00

Special Price LBP4,000.00

With all the refreshment of Perrier water and leaping bubbles nicely lifted with the mix of two fruit juices, it's a wonderful choice to add zest to your day or serve as an afternoon pick-me-up. Unleash the force of Perrier & Juice Carbonated Mineral Water to satisfy your thirst for the extraordinary.
Features and Benefits

Naturally flavored and lightly sweetened with fruit juices 45 calories per can