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Nestlé Pure Life 6L

As the #1 bottled water brand in the world, NESTLÉ PURE LIFE helps families lead healthier lives by promoting healthy hydration. So, make NESTLE PURE LIFE bottled water part of your family's routine by drinking 8 glasses a day of water.
LBP 105,000
Price includes VAT
NESTLÉ PURE LIFE is a promise of pure, great-tasting water your family can trust. Its light and refreshing taste, smooth texture and uncompromised quality fulfill your family’s daily hydration needs.
Features and Benefits
Our commitment to excellence is put into practice every day, as our water undergoes an 8-step quality process. NESTLÉ PURE LIFE follows Nestlé's international standards to provide the best quality water to its consumers.
Ingredients and Allergen Information
Mg++ 5
HCO3- 120
SO42- 50
Cl 8
Ca 52
Na+ 5
K+ 0.5
pH Number 7
Total Dissolved Solids 200